Happy Monday families!

Today Quinn and Leon did running races around the obstacle circuit, Mia was observing them and smiling, clapping of joy as she was having fun looking at them running and laughing at each other. (C.I.)

Amelia and Hannah joined them for a little bit and all together were running up and down the yard. Then the girls saw the nappy boxes and decided that was more fun, so they hide inside and also tried to climb the box.

Miss Shawn gave Leon, Quinn and Mia a rock in the crocodile while singing Row your boat, they love to scream out loud when that part comes. (T.I.)We transition to inside with the nappy time, we sing the washing hands song and wash our hands before sitting to have morning tea. (T.I.)

T.I.) After eating we sat down at the mat with Miss Shawn and we sang our morning songs:

  • Good morning song
  • Aboriginal acknowledgment
  • Tim the turtle
  • 1,2,3 fish

Quinn is really enjoying the group time, he smiles and looks at Miss Shawn very concentrated, when the song is over he claps and smiles so excited. Leon is starting to listen more and stayed sitting pretty much the whole time, Hannah and Amelia sat down for the first time at group time and listened very well, they observed and interact very nicely during the flash cards time and also reading the book, each child had a turn looking for the sea animals hiding behind the felt. (1/1)

For activity time we did a few things today:

  • Shell exploration and sea animals: Miss Shawn gave the children little shells to touch them and play with the sea animals, Hannah and Amelia really like the shells, they looked at them and tried to get as many as they could with their little hands. They also helped to pack away very nicely.
  • Art: we did some hand stamping for our crab decoration, today was Hannah and Amelia’s turn, they really like to get their hands painted. Leon and Quinn were using brushes to paint a blue paper, they used green, purple and blue paint and they also painted their own hands.
  • Outdoor climbing: After indoor play we put sunscreen on and went outside, reset the obstacle circuit and let them explore it free. They also tried to reset it again moving the foam blocks around.

Overall we had a great day!

Hope to see you all tomorrow.

Miss Shawn, Miss Valerie & Miss Marina