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Hello Families,

This morning the babies were outside in the yard exploring the soft cushions  and climbing the stairs. Wade has been standing a lot today on his own and pulling himself up on the cushions. Quinn, Amelia, Hannah and Leon went upstairs with Miss Shawn to the Toddlers yard to have a play. This is for them to  become familiar with the yard when they transition to the Toddlers rooms. Leon and Quinn went straight for the lawn mowers and pushed them around the yard, while Hannah found the slide and slid down it and Amelia and walked across the bridge. They loved exploring and trying all the toys and activities they found.

Group time was led by Miss Marina. They all sang the good morning song and looked intently at Miss Marina while she was singing each song. Each time Miss Marina stops a song the babies are using the sign language sign for more and saying more. To see the babies developing into little toddlers now is beautiful to observe and we encourage them to speak and use their body language to communicate with us.

Today we are finishing our poppies for Anzac Day to make a wreath with all the poppies together for display. If you would like to come and see the new display in the room of the babies Anzac men and sunsets, please feel free to ask Miss Marina or Miss Shawn. We will be happy to show you. The babies used different colours to explore and create their own background as a sunset. Free painting allows the babies to create as they choose and explore different textures and colours.

Miss Marina did a group painting of green to put the poppies on for our display. This group activity gets all the babies involved and interacting with one another.

Hope you have a fantastic afternoon.

Miss Marina & Miss Shawn.