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Our day…..

What a beautiful day Miss Des’ree and Miss Sharon have had in babies 2! For activity time we decided to celebrate harmony day Miss Des’ree brought out people puppets from different countries, while the babies were playing Miss Desree told the babies about all different sorts of cultures around the world .  

Outside Jackson and Miss Des’ree played ball games in the yard together with Audrey and Emilia we enjoyed bouncing, rolling and throwing the ball.

To burn some energy Miss Shaz played some songs to get the babies moving they all loved the wiggles and dancing to “rock a by bear” especially Emilia and Natalia! Great dancing!

Penny and Evan used their sensory skills on the sensory wall moving the gel and the hearts in it, squishing and squashing the them until dance time.

Over all miss Des’ree and Miss shaz have had a great day in babies 2.

Thank-you babies!