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Good Afternoon Babies 2 families we hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Today in Babies 2 we have been super busy playing outside and completing lots of art and craft activities. We spent the morning outside playing at the water table and in the sand pit. Penny, Audrey and Jaxon enjoyed watching Mr Lauchy perform a puppet show. He sang Five Little Ducks, acting out all of the actions with the puppets. All of the babies loved watching the ducks wiggle around to the song. After the singing was finished Miss Camilla had some animals to show the babies, she pulled out a chicken and a pig. Jaxon and Olivia thought they were very interesting. Olivia and Natalia spent some time splashing at the water table and got each other very wet while Parker explored the trucks in the sandpit.

Later that morning we had group time. During group time we read The Green Sheep, danced The Hokey Pokey and sang all of our favorite songs like Open Shut Them and Three Cheeky Monkeys. Olivia and Penny did the actions to the songs while Audrey stood up and danced along to the music. Evan sat with Miss Hayley and was mesmerized by all the other babies singing along.  

Our Favorite Part Of The Day

Jaxon: Enjoyed bathing his teddy at the water table and then getting him sandy again. Over and over Jaxon would wash teddy then take him to the sandpit to get him dirty, then back to the water table to wash him again.

Evan: Loved eating his lunch. He gobbled it all up very independently and had a huge smile on his face while he was eating. He also enjoyed reading The Green Sheep with Miss Stacey.

Audrey: Enjoyed singing and dancing today during group time. She danced the hokey pokey and sang Three Cheeky Monkeys.

Natalia: Had a great time playing at the water table. She loved splashing the water at Miss Hayley and thought it was very funny each time she got wet.

Parker: Played with the bouncy balls, he loved throwing them across the room then crawling to catch them again.

Olivia: Had fun playing with the musical instruments. First she played them with her hands then she tried her feet. She thought it was quite funny when she started playing the piano with her toes.

Penny: Was very inquisitive today and very busy. She spent lots of time walking around and observing what the other babies were doing. She enjoyed group time and helping the other babies when they needed their dummy or drink.


Thanks for a wonderful day babies, see you again tomorrow.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey


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