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Good afternoon to all of our families and welcome back to a new week!

We have a busy week ahead, we will be celebrating Melbourne Cup day tomorrow with our babies, floral friday is back again this week and……Christmas craft will begin so exciting!

We began our week with art therapy today, now only one week left so we are cherishing every session.  Today’s mantra was ” I feel focused ” our story today was called Only One You. For our babies our learning was centered around encouraging our children to be unique. It uses a rock fish to keep children engaged as they swim through the deep blue sea and explore important messages  such as listening,  reflecting and appreciating the world. We followed up our story with a fun art project, by creating abstract and organic breathing patterns with stimulating neon poster paint , on large paper with our peers. Thinking about breathing and blowing, how our body moves while making these marks.

After all of our hard work we decided to head outdoors for some more obstacle course fun and some self select play opportunities,  we had a lot of fun especially on the bikes today.

Thank you for a magnificent Monday babies 2!

Miss Rochelle and Miss Valerie xoxo