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We have had an enjoyable day in the babies room with our friends Jaxon, Penny, Audrey, Natalia, Evan, Emilia and Parker
Miss Jo set up the yard this morning and fostered Jaxon’s interest in blocks by setting up some wooden blocks in the yard. Miss Jo sat on the mat encouraging block play by singing, ‘build it up’ with the children.
On the table we placed some new story books to capture the babies interest. Audrey, Natalia and Penny all enjoyed the new Spot story books. Both Audrey and Natalia used their words to express what they could see in the picture books.
The yard was also set up with some musical instruments for the children to play with. Jaxon showed interest in the piano and as he played with it Miss Jo sang Twinkle Star. He thought this was quite funny.
We are all trying really hard to keep our hats on our heads during our play time outside too.
Jaxon had an interest in cars today so we brought some different cars from the toddlers classroom into the babies room. We also planned a painting activity based on this interest with the children using some toy cars to make wheel marks with paint onto white paper. Natalia, Jaxon, Parker and Audrey all enjoyed participating in this activity.
Miss Jo brought some of her finger puppets into the classroom today for our group time experience. Penny, Emilia, Parker, Evan and Audrey joined Miss Jo on the mat and Natalia and Jaxon watched from afar as Miss Jo did some singing.
We sang:
• Baa Baa Black Sheep
• 3 cheeky monkeys (Emilia did a great job doing the actions to this song)
• Galloomp (Audrey really enjoyed this song and did the actions well
• If your happy and you know it
Thanks for a fun and happy day.
Miss Jo and Miss Stacey

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