Welcome to babies 2 families!!!!

Happy first Monday of the new year, today the babies had a very busy day exploring his new environment and making connections with peers and educators, we had a bit of a play outside and Hugo, Quinn, Amelia and Hannah were very engaged climbing the obstacle course and moving the foam blocks around. Leon had a red ball that he was throwing and kicking around the yard and smiling at his friends.

Mia was incredibly happy looking and touching all the toys, playing with the abacus and clapping of joy. Arabella had a turn with the red ball and also holding a little bird toy for a while, showing Miss Valerie what she had. After a little play and explore we went inside to get our nappy changed and have morning tea.

After morning tea Arabella, Quinn, Hannah and Amelia used the building blocks to explore their senses and build, stacking some of them into 2 or 3. Miss Gillian read the shark book to them, Hugo, Hannah, Amelia and Quinn sat down very well and listen to the story reading and looked at all the pictures and animals on the book. They really enjoyed the reading time.  Amelia also played in the home corner, Hugo and Arabella practice their fine motor skills playing in the lockers board.

Great first day at Babies 2!

Miss Valerie and Miss Marina

Parent Input: Please remember to label all your belongings, thank you.