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Today we have been making valentines day surprises for our families. We can’t give too much away but it involved getting very messy with red paint. Audrey thought painting was the best and wanted to keep making Valentines Day art all day so she joined in with Babies 1 and completed a handprint bird picture, Penny and Parker joined in too.

We were pleased to meet our new friend Emilia today. Emilia spent the morning getting to know her new friends and teachers. She enjoyed playing with the pink water in the water trough and also enjoyed playing with the jungle animals in the sand table. Penny and Olivia had a great time playing with Emilia. They played with the water table with Emilia, they all practiced washing the animals then getting them sandy again. Parker had a great time watching the girls do this. He spent most of his time exploring the yard and even had a try at throwing the ball at Miss Hayley, he thought this was very funny.

Before lunch we all enjoyed Group Time, playing peek-a-boo and singing Three Cheeky Monkeys was our favorite part. In the afternoon we went outside again to play. We set up a drawing activity and coloured in a big box with colourful crayons. Parker and Olivia had a try of the slide with Miss Stacey while Penny, Audrey and Emilia played at the bubbler.

We finished our day reading books and playing with the puppets in our lovely cool classroom.

We had a great time with the babies today 🙂

Miss Hayley & Miss Stacey


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