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Happy Monday!

Today we had a very quiet room, Leon, Wade and Hugo were enjoying each others company and doing lots of solo play but also, they had the opportunity to engage in better interactions during playtime. Leon discovered today the new Calm Area that we have in the room, he found the soft toys and he sticked around with the little black dog 😊 he took him around the room to play with him with the Lego blocks, to the kitchen and home corner and also to read a book back to the calm area. Hugo played with the Lego blocks, Miss Marina sat down with him to teach him how to stack them together and make a tower, but the part he loved the most was to push it and brake it 😊

Today we had a small group with just Leon was awake during group time so we sang some songs and we introduce to the nursery rhymes the 5 little speckle frogs, in relation to the frogs songs we’ve been singing we talked about the green colour, we saw different green things like a tree, a frog, a shoe, grass, snake, avocado, cucumber, etc. We also went through the flash cards to learn all the colours, then we sat down to do some art using green paint.

During activity time we used green paint to do some art, Leon got his feet painted and we are going to make green thongs with his 2 feet, he really likes to get his hands and feet painted, he observes Miss Marina painting and he does try to talk using his own language making noises and pointing to the paint and after he sees the stamp of his feet he points the paper saying things. Wade did also green paint stamping his little feet on paper, when he was getting his feet painted he was opening his mouth and eyes with such a surprise expression, very funny 😊 We think he liked the experience and the feeling of fresh paint on his feet. After we used our hands to do some dot painting but it end up being a full hand painting expression, they enjoyed doing art. Hugo did this activities when he woke up from his first nap, he also likes to get his feet painted and he observes closely his educator and the stamp on the paper, he was very relaxed. He also enjoys messy play so using his hands to paint is always fun for Hugo.

We all had a great day in babies.

Hope to see you all tomorrow.

Miss Shawn and Miss Marina