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Today has been a lovely chilled out Monday with lots of fun activities, arts and craft. Our day began with outdoor play and music in the yard, the babies enjoyed playing with the musical instruments. They made rhythmic sounds with the drums and chimes on the xylophone pianos. Some used their fingers while others used their whole hands to bang the keys loudly. Miss Hayley made a sound then the babies copied. We practiced small quiet sounds and big noisy sounds. All the babies laughed at Miss Hayley being noisy and they put lots of effort into copying her loud sounds.

Next we went inside for morning tea. We all enjoyed our lovely banana splits with choc chips and made a big mess 🙂 After morning tea we made name paintings and sparkly shaker bottles with Miss Stacey. Penny and Natalia were very interested in the sparkles moving through the water and stood shaking and watching the bottle for quite some time. Group time was lots of fun, today we learnt about shapes and colours. Miss Hayley read a book about colours and shapes, then we counted with our fingers, made rhythmic beats on our bodies, talked about our names and then sang:
• Open shut them
• 3 cheeky monkeys
• If your happy and you know it
• Twinkle twinkle
• Heads shoulders knees and toes

In the afternoon we did lots of dancing to Baby Einstein Radio. The babies were encouraged to move their bodies around to the beat. We also tried moving our bodies while holding hands with our friends. We danced the ‘Hokey Pokey’ and then practised:
• Stomping
• Clapping and shaking our hands
• Shaking and twisting our bodies
• Balancing on one leg
• Wiggling our fingers

Thanks for a lovely day babies 🙂

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey

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