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Good Afternoon Babies 2 Families. Today has been a wonderful day in the babies room. We have been busy engaging in sensory play, completing art activities and engaging in meaningful group interactions. We have been learning how to take turns and to work as a group towards a shared goal. We’ve also been learning about each others feelings and how to respect one another’s personal space.

This morning we began our day free play and dancing. After morning tea we started our butterfly paintings, Samar and Zyanna both used brushes to mix the paint around all over the paper plates. Once they were finished Miss Stacey hung them up to dry and later in the day once they were dry she sat with the girls and cut the paintings into butterflies. Both of the girls were very impressed with their paintings and wanted to play with them. Miss Stacey helped each of them to stick them onto the wall.

While the girls were painting the other babies sat with Miss Hayley at the sensory wall. They enjoyed squeezing and squishing the gel bags. Penny poked them with one finger while Audrey looked at them inquisitively. She smiled and then with Miss Hayleys encouragement reached out to touch the bag full of rainbow pom poms. Joseph was next to have a turn, he ran over and thumped his whole hand onto the red sparkly bag. He thought it was very funny and continued to run up and thump all of the bags. Indigo was watching from a far so Miss Hayley picked her up and showed her the sensory bags. She smiled eagerly and began touching the bags and moving the objects inside around with her fingers. She continued playing with them for several minutes and was quite mesmerized by them.

See you tomorrow babies 🙂

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey



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