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Hello families,

We started the morning inside due to the rain, children explored both rooms, babies 1 and 2, we combined and the we swap children, Cohen and Hugo had a little play in the babies 1 kitchen area they enjoyed playing with different toys.

Cali sat in the calm corner to read books and cuddle the soft toys with Arabella, she loves the doggies and gets one with each arm saying “doggy, doggy!”

Leon also enjoyed the calm corner when he got dropped off, he sat in the bouncer observing everyone and after 15 min he started to feel more happy to go around the room and play with his friends. Millie and Cohen took the Lego basket out and tried to built some towers together.

During group time we sat in the new quiet corner, they all came to sit when Miss Marina started the group time. They listened very well and participated actively, Cali and Isaac are starting to show excitement after each song we sing, they enjoy being in a group singing and clapping, they smile to each other and share happiness and joy 😊

We talked again about green colour and showed them the different green shades and materials we were going to play with.

Then we moved to activity time.During activity time we sat at the table to do art with natural resources, we had green leaves from the trees outside to do some craft, we showed them how there were different sizes of leaves and also different shades of green colour, they used these natural resources to create some beautiful pieces of art.

  • Sensory collage: Today the babies could explore the different shades of green by selecting the little pieces of paper and felt and sticking them into contact paper that we placed on the wall. They were very curious about how sticky it was, Cohen, Leon and Millie were feeling it with their hands, and after they were very careful placing the materials in the contact. Leon and Isaac enjoyed grabbing the basket and selecting the paper material they liked.

Hugo and Cali had a turn after when they woke up from their nap.

  • $ leaf clover art: today Isaac, Millie and Arabella did the hand stamping using green colour, Millie and Arabella really enjoy getting their hands and feet painted with the brush. Isaac is still not a fan of it so we tried but he wasn’t enjoying it much so we let him go and make his own selection of play.

After the activities we went outside and have a play before lunch time all together.


We had an amazing day in babies 2

Hope to see you all tomorrow.

Miss Shawn & Miss Marina