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We spent our day today exploring natural recourses. As part of her studies Miss Stacey brought in lots of recycled materials, shells, sand and glitter to do special projects with. Over the week we have been making a variety of sensory bottles by filling up old plastic bottles with water and glitter. This morning we set up the table with play dough and shells. Miss Stacey showed the babies how to make different patterns and shapes by pushing the shells onto the dough. Elle and Olivia enjoyed pushing the shells down into the dough and talking about the shapes they were making. Penny and Audrey liked squeezing their dough into balls while saying “roll roll roll”. Evan and Parker spent lots of time getting up and down from the table but they seemed to enjoy touching the dough and touching all of the different objects on the table.

Later in the morning we went outside to play. Olivia, Penny, Elle and Evan all stood at the sand table playing for several minutes. They took turns shoveling sand and then watching it poor down as they tipped the shovel. Before long Parker really wanted to go around to the big sandpit so we took them over for a play. Parker and Evan were straight in and enjoyed digging in the sand. They also spent some time trying to push the Hex Blocks into the sand. 

Finally before nap time we did some dancing and then group time.  For dancing we put on some Baby Einstein music. The babies were encouraged to move their bodies around to the beat. We also tried moving our bodies while holding buckets in our hands and then practised:
• Stomping
• Clapping and shaking our hands
• Shaking and twisting our bodies
• Twirling around in circles
• Patting our heads

Then afterwards for group time we read a book about words, counted with our fingers, talked about animals, shapes and colours, said hello and bye bye then sang:
• Open shut them
• Twinkle twinkle
• If your happy and you know it
• Old Macdonalds Farm
• Heads shoulders knees and toes
• 3 cheeky monkeys


Thanks for a great day babies, see you tomorrow 🙂

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey


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