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Our day with the babies has been wonderful. We were lucky to be able to go out and explore the outdoor environment despite the weather. We took the opportunity to talk about the rain and wind. We watched as the water poured down from the sky and reached out to feel it with our hands, we then went for a run through the rain (walkers only and quickly) and felt it falling on our hands and faces. Later in the morning the wind began to blow through the trees, we all sat together and watched the trees dancing around up high. We then made some streamers and held them while they blew in the breeze.

For group time we practiced our words saying hello, bonjour, Goodbye, yes, no, stop, please, thank you and more. We then practiced counting in French, English and Spanish and played with musical instruments. We read Emilies book about Noses then we sang some of our favorite songs.

In the afternoon we made a farm scene out of a cardboard box for the children to role play with the animals. This was also an extension of Josephs interest in animals, he and all the other babies enjoyed playing with the animals and they all learned about taking turns with their friends, we also learnt about being gentle with the box.

Afterwards we enjoyed playing in the yard. The yard was set up with a variety of learning spaces. A sensory slime tub, an animal mat, puzzle table, ball area, truck mat, reading corner with puppets, tunnel, slide and stepping stones, and a nature table. While outside we had French and Spanish nursery rhymes playing. Emilie and Penny danced together to the music then Audrey and Olivia joined them. The four girls wiggled and bounced around the yard with smiles on their faces.

Thank you for a great day babies.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey



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