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Hello families,

What a beautiful day was today 😊 Mia and Mason were happily playing by themselves most of the morning, drawing in the window outside, they had so much fun just pulling all the colours out of the box. Quinn and Cohen shared the drawing area for a while, Leon also joined them, great sharing boys! We are all slowly learning to share and care about others. Cali has been really focus on her walking, practicing around the yard, climbing the obstacle circuit and walking to the rainbow tunnel. Millie loves spending time inside the tunnel, she just sits there looking at her friends going in and out. Mia also had a go walking inside the tunnel and coming out of the other side! Cohen, Millie, Leon and Quinn had game around the steps, going up and then jumping down and counting 1,2,3. Very funny. The group time today was different, as we did it sitting in the high chairs, we made a semicircle so they all could see, at the beginning Quinn was looking at Miss Marina like: why is she singing now? Is food time! He didn’t engage in the first song like he normally does, until Incy Wincy song he smiled and tried to do the spider, then clapping at the end and asking for more. Isaac, Millie and Cohen asked for more songs all the time, and Leon has participated more actively than he normally does, maybe the fact they are sitting down is a plus

for them to focus and listen, which is great for their learning. After singing we served them food and they all were very relaxed and happy.

We did 2 activities today with all the babies:


  • Earth art and sand: today for nature week we had the earth to paint in blue for the ocean  and we used sand for land, Quinn, Cohen, Millie, Leon and Cali had a go at this experience, they love to mix sand with paint, and incorporating it on the art activities makes it so much fun for our babies, they love getting messy 😊
  • Anzac poppies: we used red water colour to recreate poppies and we will use on a second day glue to stick the little black dots for the flowers, they like sprinkling things on glue so making this activity as a 2 steps experience makes it more enjoyable for them.
  • Outdoor running: today we decided to do some races outside, so we moved the furniture around and countdown to run from one side to the another, Quinn, Leon and Millie really enjoy the races, Isaac and Cali will join them soon but for now they enjoy observing, they smile seeing their friends having fun, they also clap when their peers reach the other side.

We had a great day today at kindy, hope you enjoy your evening.

Miss Marina & Miss Shawn.