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It has been a lovely quiet day in the babies 2 room today. We spent the morning playing out in the yard. Joseph, Olivia and Audrey took turns on the slide. The all practiced waiting for the others to go up the steps and down the slide before their turn. As they went down they all said “weeeee”. Then as they were asking for another turn they began pointing to the slide and saying “weeee”. So it now appears that we call the slide a weeeee. After our adventures on the slide Elle and Olivia played Peek-a-boo in the tent, Audrey and Joseph were quick to join them and they all enjoyed saying “boo” to surprise their friends. While the others were in the tent Penny decided to tackle Miss Stacey and give her a big cuddle. It was very sweet. While we were outside our friend Indigo was sleeping, when she woke up she played on the mat with the colourful peg board. She enjoyed picking up the pegs and shaking them and then trying to put them into the holes.

Our day has been fantastic today with lots of opportunities for one on one play and special cuddles.

Thank you babies for a great day

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey 🙂

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