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Hello Families!

Today was a continually active morning with all the babies exploring the outdoor environment. All the babies are settled in well now and getting to know each other and their educators. Mia and Wade explored the outdoor area together observing each other and crawling around. Mille, Quinn, Hannah, Leon and Amelia were running over the soft blocks and laughing while Arabella discovered the big caterpillar and sat it in all morning with the little dollies.

In the morning we had a group time where we sing our good morning song and the acknowledgement. Today we all sat in a circle, so the babies are all facing each other. They seem to love waving at each other and saying hello as they are smiling and clapping after we sing. This shows that the babies feel comfortable and secure in the babies 2 room.

After we had a play in the outside environment before lunch time, we sang our washing hands transition song and when Miss Marina called a babies name that can walk they walk to the bathroom, Miss Shawn changed their nappy and they went to the small sink and washed their hands. The babies like Wade and Mia we wipe their hands with wet wipes as they can not walk yet.

For activity time we made:

Today is Harmony Day so for one activity we did footprints in different colours with all the babies to make a path right inside the babies 2 room. We have a sign called We Walk Together. This shows that we are all in this world together and help each on our journey. The babies learn early respect and cultural diversity.

We continued learning colours by sticking all the colours of the rainbow on a contact paper on the table. We prepared a box full of paper where all the babies picked them up and walked over to the table and stuck them on. It was a regularly active activity which all the babies enjoyed.

Happy Harmony Day, Have a wonderful weekend.

From/ Love Miss Shawn and Miss Marina