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Today was dress up day in the babies room. The babies each had a turn of trying on and wearing their favourite animal costumes. Olivia, Penny, Elle and Audrey were all very excited to put their costumes on and walked around in them for over half an hour. Evan looked keen at first but then didn’t want to wear one. Emilie tried a costume on for a moment then took it straight off again and Joseph wasn’t keen on trying one on at all. We used the time that the babies were dressed up to talk about what animals they were and what sounds they make. We crawled around pretending to be the animals, making their sounds, pretending to eat food, pretending to sleep and then wake up again. It turned out to be a really fun and engaging experience and one of the first times we have all engaged in role play as a class.

In the middle of the day while the older babies were sleeping Evan and Indigo had some special one on one time with Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey. Miss Hayley lied down on the ground and lifted Indigo up like an airplane, she bounced her up and said “zoom zoom  zoom” Indigo smiled and laughed. Evan was watching from a far and then walked over to Miss Hayley, he leant down and smiled at her then put his face against hers and gave her a face cuddle. It was very sweet. Then it was Evans turn to go up in the airplane. He sat on Miss Hayley then she pushed him up above her and said “Zooooooommm” he laughed and smiled putting his arms out wide. Indigo was watching closely as she sat near by, she waved her arms around and giggled.

Soon after this the older babies started waking up, as the awoke we went outside for some fun activities in the yard. Today we had the yard separated into small learning stations.

  • The block mat: Evan and Joseph enjoyed building tall towers and then knocking them down again.
  • The puzzle table: Olivia, Elle and Penny enjoyed talking to Miss Hayley about the animals in the puzzle and moving the pieces around to fit in the different holes.
  • The reading corner: Emilie enjoyed sitting with a teacher and reading a book about ABC’s, Evan and Indigo then joined us and we read “Spot loves his mum” .
  • The bead frame mat: Evan and Indigo really enjoyed sitting down at this activity and engaged with it for quite some time, the both used their hands and fingers to manipulate the beads around the frame.
  • The animal puppet mat: Elle, Emilie and Audrey enjoyed putting puppets on their hands and dancing them around. We also talked about the sounds that they make. 
  • Nature Sensory Bins: Elle and Joseph were very interested in the pine cones and liked rolling them around the floor.
  • Slide and Tunnel: Olivia enjoyed climbing up the stairs to go down the slide and also liked crawling through the tunnel.

Thank you for a lovely day babies. See you all tomorrow 🙂

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey


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