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Welcome to Thankful Thursday.

This morning we did lots of fun climbing, ball throwing and reading books. The babies are really enjoying the musical instruments outside. They explore and discover sound while making lots of noise. We have set up the boxes in the kitchen area as tables and the babies love to tip them the other way and jump in. Leon and Cohen were having fun playing peekaboo and singing row, row.

This morning we changed group time from inside to outside. The babies all sat with Miss Marina and sang songs, for examples good morning song, open shut them, itsy wincy spider and wash our hands song. The babies loved to observe each other and their educators doing the actions to the songs. From Transition inside to outside we used a soft cushion that looks more like a ramp for the babies to walk down it. Miss Marina would call a babies name and they would walk over and down with her assistance. This increases the babies listening skills, independence and makes the group calmer going one by one.

We split the babies into 2 groups. Miss Marina stayed with Hugo, Mia, Isaac and Cali. We set up free drawing on the table for the babies to explore at on their own. This gives them a change to engage with each other socially and increase their fine motor and gross motor skills.  (TI)

Miss Shawn walked up the ramp with Quinn, Millie, Leon, and Cohen to have a play in the Toddlers yard. They loved exploring a new yard and observing the other Toddlers. This is to slowly transition them and make them feel comfortable and safe in another part of the Centre. Quinn and Cohen played with the mowers together. They pushed them around the yard and over a bridge. Millie walked up the ramp of the climbing equipment and across the bridge down the slide. She was happy and laughing throughout that time. Leon loved to ride the bikes, push the trolley around and observe the older children.

It was a fantastic day with lots of wonder, expression, and curiosity.

Have a lovely evening.

Miss Marina and Miss Shawn