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 What a wonderful day we have had today in the babies 2 room. It’s Olivia’s Birthday today so HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY OLIVIA!! We celebrated this morning with some of Olivia’s favorite activities. Firstly we put on some Easter tunes and danced along to the beat, Olivia is getting very good at standing up when she dances now. Next we went outside for some drawing and messy sensory play. Olivia enjoyed feeling the different textures, she played with pink cloud dough and rainbow rice. Finally we all sang Happy Birthday to Olivia before lunch. She wasn’t too sure why we were all watching her but she smiled non the less.

Our day today started out quietly with some inside/outside play. We left the doors open and allowed the babies to choose their own activities. Zyanna and Penny were keen to play with the sensory tubs and enjoyed touching the rainbow sand and cloud dough. Next to arrive was Elle who joined the babies outside at the drawing table. The girls all sat down together and coloured in a carrot stencil. Soon after this lots of our babies 1 friends arrived so we ventured inside to listen to some nursery rhymes and played with the musical instruments on the mat. Once Miss Katrina arrived babies one went to their room and it was time for morning tea. Everyone enjoyed their morning tea and once they were finished we ventured back out into the yard for some more messy play. Joseph, Indigo, Audrey, Poppy and Astin had joined us by this time and they were very excited to try out all the activities in the yard. Audrey and poppy went straight over to the sensory tubs to have a turn, Audrey thought it was wonderful and dove straight in touching all the different textures while Poppy was more reserved. Miss Hayley encouraged Poppy to touch the sand and cloud dough t which Poppy replied with her tongue poking out, she then grunted with a cheeky smile on her face a crawled over to the drawing table. Elle and Joseph went over to the sand table which was filled with blue cloud dough, they both pushed their hands deep into the dough and mixed it around. Joseph then began carrying the dough around the yard and made little piles everywhere. Elle went over to the rainbow sand picked up and handful and dropped it onto her head then let out a big laugh. She then proceeded to walk around the yard with rice all over her head, smiling like she had just created to best hairstyle ever.  Indigo was feeling a little sad in the yard so sat with Miss Stacey most of the time, she sat down for a few minutes and played the xylophone and then had a jump in the bouncer but mostly she just wanted cuddles.

Today has been so much fun. Thank you babies 🙂

Stay Safe this long weekend and enjoy the precious time with your families.

See you all next week.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey   

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