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Its sandy here today in babies 2. Today we have been getting messy with kinetic sand and finger painting. We spent lots of time out in the yard this morning sticking our hands in the squishy sand, squeezing and squashing it between our fingers. Joseph and Zyanna were the first to have a turn, they dove straight in with both hands and picked up handfuls of the sand. Joseph leant forward and pushed both of his hands down deep into the trough, Zyanna followed but only with one hand. Elle and Audrey were watching and decided to have a feel, they each picked up and handful of sand and carried it over to Miss Stacey. She was very happy to receive wet squishy gifts from the girls and soon the other babies followed. Before we knew it all the babies were collecting sand and bringing it over for Miss Stacey to hold.

After our messy fun was over we went inside for group time. Everyone sat down on the green fluffy mat and watched Miss Hayley doing funny actions, first she was patting her knees, then clapping her hands, shaking her hands and rolling her arms. All the babies followed along trying really hard to follow the actions. Penny enjoyed patting her hands on her lap, Samar enjoyed clapping and rolling her arms, Audrey and Joseph spent lots of time trying to roll her arms and thought the movement was so intriguing. Zyanna and Elle enjoyed clapping after each song and saying yyaaaaaayyyy! We sang all of our favorite songs including ‘Open Shut Them’ and ‘Three Cheeky Money’s’. Olivia, Samar and Penny became very excited when we started singing and they did all the actions to the songs.

We spent our afternoon drawing, painting and reading books inside our cool classroom then we headed out for some more exploring in the yard. Its been a lovely day today 🙂

See you tomorrow babies.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey


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