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Good afternoon babies 2 families. Today has been a quiet and calm day in the babies room. We spent our morning playing outside with lots of different toys and activities. Miss Hayley set up a pretend cooking experience where the babies got to make sand cup cakes. We used spoons to mix around the sand, added some water and then scooped it into the patty pans. Elle, Audrey and Penny then handed them out to the others to try. After this we sat at the table and did some drawings. Audrey, Joseph and Parker all sat at the table together and used the coloured pencils to make wobbly lines on the cardboard. We used this experience to talk about the colours that we were using, this then led into counting the pencils.

soon after this it was morning tea time so we all ventured in to have some fresh fruit and yummy apple cinnamon scrolls. Next we had group time. We practiced counting and saying each others names, played with musical instruments and then sang a few of our favorite songs. After this we all gathered around the table to make Mothers Day Surprises “Shhhhhh don’t tell your mummy’s” Evan loved making his special Mothers Day projects and was full of smiles the whole time. Joseph and Parker really liked sticking pieces of …….. onto their special surprise …….. 🙂 Penny, Audrey and Elle also enjoyed sticking pieces of …… onto their special surprise …….. 🙂 Sorry mums no more information allowed you will just have to wait and see.

Thanks for a great day babies.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey


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