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Happy Thursday families!

Today Mia and Isaac were sharing the walker exploring all the sides of it, manipulating the abacus and the wheels having conversations with each other and smiling. Cohen was hiding underneath the blanket and after decided to hide toys and books under the blanket 😊 Arabella played with the babies and also read a book with Miss Ione. Leon has so much fun playing with empty boxes, he gets inside, flips them over, hides in them… all by himself. Cohen joined him as soon as he saw there was another box to play. Quinn went and have a play in Toddlers yard today 😊 he went in the yard walking all confident and got the mower saying: mower, mower! And walked all over the yard very happily.(CI)After morning tea we sat down for group time, all of them went to the mat straight  away 😊 Millie was doing the “more” sign language and Cohen did the same saying” more, more” So we started our nursery rhyme time. Today we add 5 little speckle frogs as we have a huge frog in the yard they can climb and Leon loves frogs, so we practice the frog noise and tomorrow we will do some art activities with frogs.

After group time we went on adventure to pick up leaves around the center to do a sensory activity and reuse those leaves for art activities.

They were very happy to be going on adventure, they had a play in the slide near the gym and visit toddlers yard as well. Then back to the room to play with the leaves they picked up.

We brought a tray inside the room and filled it up with sand, we threw the leaves and sticks in side and started exploring what shapes and drawings we could do with the natural resources we had. Leon used a sticks to draw in the sand and Cohen used a big leave to imitate Leon’s drawing on sand. Millie and Arabella used the shovels to dig in the sand and cover the leaves with sand, also using their hands to find the leaves once they were under the sand, it was like a hide and seek play.

Isaac and Cali were not interested, they explored the home corner and played with the eggs and after Cali sat in the bouncer with a book, Isaac played with the car ramp, he really likes following the cars going down the ramp, smiles and claps😊

After our indoor play we went outside to have a run before lunch time.

Quinn came back from Toddlers to have lunch with us, they said he did amazing, he had a morning play outdoors, group time with T1 and 2 and inside for morning tea, he ate all his food and he was participating in all the activities very actively. Well done Quinny!

Hope you enjoy reading the program, see you all tomorrow

Miss Marina & Miss Ione