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Good afternoon to all of our families and welcome to our wonderful day!

Today we put our imaginations and creativity to the test….

We engaged in loose parts play, these are materials that can be moved , carried, combined, stacked, redesigned,  lined up, taken apart and put back together in multiple ways.  These are materials with no specific set of directions that can be used alone or combined with any other materials.  Today our children were presented with a basket to explore and use the materials in which ever ways they wanted. All of our children showed a lot of enthusiasm towards this and it was truly amazing to see their curiosity at work with lots of different ideas in play. We also continued with some halloween craft, today creating some creepy crawly spiders using our very own hand prints, we had lots of giggles from the babies as the paint was smoothed over their tiny hands x

Thank you for another beautiful day in babies two and looking forward to sharing more adventures with you tomorrow!

Miss Rochelle and Miss Valerie xoxo