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Today in Babies Room 2 we have been using our imaginations a lot! Penny, Zyanna, Audrey and Elle enjoyed drawing on cardboard with crayons. Miss Stacey sat with them and talked about the colours they were using and made different shapes for them to look at. Samar and Elle played puppet games with Miss Hayley and then went off together to start their own game of peek-a-boo through the mirror tunnel. First they ducked down and said boo, then they both jumped up and laughed. They repeated this several times in different orders and then finally Elle bobbed down again and Samar ran around behind her and said BOO! They both laughed loudly then started running around the room. This was a wonderful interaction to observe.

Later in the day Elle and Zyanna decided to play dress ups. They walked around the room wearing hats and carrying pretend bags. Joseph played Mr fix it today and spent most of his day playing with the toy hammer. He fixed the mirror tunnel, the table, the soft blocks, the draws and the fence around the kitchen. Then he even decided to fix Miss Hayley’s feet.

Olivia enjoyed pulling herself up on all the furniture and exploring the new higher spaces in the room. Miss Hayley and Stacey placed lots of interesting objects on the tables around the room to encourage Olivia to explore and to use her new skills.

We have had a wonderful day in Babies 2.

Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey

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