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Happy Thankful Thursday Families!

This morning was a quite morning. Hugo, Issac and Cali had the space to explore the room in their own time. Hugo and Issac giggled as they through the small balls around the room, Cali sat looking and pulling out the books in the book area and Quinn had a play in the gym. He was excited to show his educators his stamp he received after. “Wow” he said while pointing to it. It’s great to see when Miss. Dressa, Miss Marina and Miss Shawn are walking around the room, the babies are waving and smiling as we look at them. This shows they babies are feeling safe and secure in their environment.

Today we had a small group time today. Hugo, Cali, Quinn and Issac sat singing our good morning song and clapping as we sang. Quinn says “more, more,” when he wants another song. Hugo was smiling and clapping through all the songs. This was a great time for all the babies to interact with each other and learn more songs and sounds. We also sang 5 ducks went out one day, Rainbow song, Incy, Wincy Spider. Miss Marina made some coloured flashcards for the babies to learn the colours of the rainbow. Miss Shawn showed the babies each colour and said the colour. This encourages their language and colour recognition.

To extend on our sensory play the last couple weeks. We set up rice pops cereal in the black tray with measuring cups and bowls from the home corner. The babies loved this activity. They all either crawled or walked over to the tray exploring and discovering what they saw. Hugo picked up one of the bowls and tipped it on the floor the picking it up and putting it back in the bowl. Quinn sat right in the tray and took hold of the red measuring cup. Cali wanted the red measuring cup too and tried to take it off Quinn. Miss Shawn said to Quinn say “Ta” and Quinn repeated “Ta”. Cali picked it up and ate a few at a time. Miss Dressa poured the rice pops on Cali’s arms so she could sense the feeling of it on her skin. She was happy to allow her to do that. This activity was full of learning for the babies such as early math’s (filling and emptying the containers), taking turns and sharing plus the babies used all their senses (touch, taste, sight and hear) and some extended on their language skills. The babies sat at this activity for half hour which is also great concentration, and it gave us as educators the guidance that the babies were enjoying what they were discovering. Exploration play is a huge part of a babies learning and development.

Have a great evening.

Miss Shawn, Miss Marina & Miss Dressa