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Today in the babies room we put the final touches on our Mothers Day surprises and made some colourful ball paintings. We also played a variety of interest based and child initiated games.

We started our morning with free play and drawing. Elle and Penny chose to play with the babies and prams. They had a stand off for a few minutes as they both wanted to get through then they made friends and pushed their babies around together. Parker and Evan liked the sand tough and drove the cars through the sand, each time Parker crashed the car he through his head back and said “oooo” Evan laughed at this and thought it was very entertaining. This then made Parker want to do it more and more. Joseph loved playing with the balls and practiced kicking them then throwing them. He then decided to try and throw them down the street which he thought was very funny. Each time it went over the fence he said “oh oh”.

Next we dressed up Mr Frog in a crocodile costume. Jude thought he looked very funny and helped out by getting another costume to try on. We also made sure he was sun safe with a Benowa Hills Hat :-). This then led to the babies and teachers dressing up as well. We all dressed up as animals and made their sounds. After this we went inside for morning tea and group time. Elle started group time for me by sitting on the mat and pulling out the musical instruments. The other babies then followed and they all sat together making different sounds and beats. I then came over and read them a story about shapes, we counted with our fingers, made rhythmic beats on our bodies, talked about our names and then sang:
• Open shut them
• 3 cheeky monkeys
• If your happy and you know it
• Twinkle twinkle
• Heads shoulders knees and toes.

In the afternoon we went back out for a play. Jude and Georgie enjoyed going up and down the slide. They took turns and were very patient with one another. They both enjoyed standing up at the top of the slide and laughing. We then put on some music and danced. It has been a great day 🙂

Thank you for a lovely day babies 2.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey

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