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Today we organized the room into several learning areas. Music and books were placed in the shelf on carpeted area at the back of the room under the family tree. Inside the mirror tunnel we placed rainbow torches and light up toy hammers. The white shelves and the tables were then set up according to the childrens interests. Today we got out the animal figures and the puzzles. Elle pulled out the hexagon stacking blocks and Penny pulled out the peg boards. On the shelves Audrey put the colourful window blocks. We then used her choice as an opportunity to discuss colours and shapes as a class.

We also set up the yard this morning into variety of small learning spaces. The table was set up with drawing. A small reading corner was created with a mirror, cushions and a fluffy mat. The slide and stepping stones were put out as an obstacle course and the tunnel also came out for the babies to crawl through.
Elle, Penny and Emilie enjoyed sitting at the drawing table and colouring on the cardboard. Evan and Indigo sat in the reading corner and looked at some books then Evan hoped up and began exploring the yard.  Olivia joined him and they walked around the yard together smiling and giggling at one another almost playing chase. Olivia and Audrey then  took turns at going up and down the slide. Miss Hayley helped them to wait and take turns with one another.

After playing outside we went back inside for group time. Today we all sat on the mat and talked about our family photos up on the tree. We also played with musical instruments as a group and read Emilie’s favorite book. Indigo really enjoyed the music and had a bog smile on her face. Emilie enjoyed shoing her book to the others in the class and even tried to turn the page while bending over to do a trick. We the brought out the puppets and played a game with them. We talked about what sounds the different animals make and then used them to sing the following songs:
• Open Shut Them
• 3 cheeky monkeys (Elle and Penny)
• Galoomp (Olivia and Indigo danced to this song)
• If your happy and you know it
• Twinkle twinkle (Elle did all the actions)
• We also danced to the hokey pokey.

Later in the afternoon Miss Hayley played a game of peek a boo with the babies. Emilie and Penny were very entertained and copied the actions. We then practiced counting some more as part of Audrey’s interest. All the babies enjoyed playing counting games.

Thank you for a wonderful day babies

From Miss Hayley and Miss Cheryl

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