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Hello to all our families!

We had a beautiful morning with exploring the outdoor environment. Then when Miss Shawn arrived after being away for a little over a week, we all had some great cuddles. After all the babies walked to the bathroom to wash hands, they all had morning tea together. At mealtimes we have been playing some music for the babies to enjoy well they are eating their food. This has calmed them down after mummy’s and daddy’s leave and through transition from outside to inside.

At group time today Miss Shawn sat down in our calm area and sang “Everybody, sit down sit down”. Cohen, Millie, Quinn, and Isaac who were awake all managed to listen to the song and sit on the mat with Miss Shawn. The babies are growing every day and love the routine of group times and songs. We also sang the good morning song saying hello to all our friends in the room. Isaac is starting to wave to his educators and friends. Quinn and Millie are improving on their sign language more, more” when they want more songs. This small groups give the babies a chance to interact with others, extend on their language skills and feel safe and secure with familiar educators and other babies. We used the stuffed bunny to sing the song “sleeping bunny”

The babies were really involved and engaged in the kitchen area today. Quinn stood with Millie and said “cooking” Millie brought Miss Shawn a pot from the kitchen and Isaac was stood at the kitchen observing his friends. Leon and Cohen were exploring the room as the others were busy in the kitchen. Friendships are forming everyday in babies 2. Its beautiful to observe.

We had some time looking at books with the babies. Miss Shawn brought out the basket of books and each baby had a chance to choose their own book to sit and look at. This gives the babies quiet time and independence.

As they enjoyed the bunny song and bunnies from Easter, the babies had a good at gluing and sticking pink and purple paper and material on an outline shaped as a bunny. Cohen and Quinn were the first ones at the table and got right into it. Millie helped Quinn do some sticking and Isaac had a go with Miss Ione assisting. This is a great activity for babies to use their fine motor skills and be create in their own ways.

We have missed Miss Marina, but she will be back next Monday.

Have a lovely evening and thank you again for your support with wearing a mask.

Miss Shawn & Miss Iona