Dear Families,

We are so happy to have your little ones this year.

This morning the children sat and ate morning tea together. Cali and Hugo are learning to feed themselves with a spoon and they also use their fingers. Quinn, Leon and Millie are also still learning to feed themselves, however, are more comfortable as they have been here a little longer.  All the babies have settled in well today as they continue to learn more about the routine and build relationships with the educators.

Miss Valerie sat with a small group of children reading the story “Who is swimming in the Ocean?” Quinn, Millie and Leon looked at the pictures and made babbling noises. Small group times encourage the babies to interact with each other and build secure relationships with educators. Miss Valerie also sang songs with them and they bounced and moved to the music.
Sensory activity: Today the babies 2 made crabs out of their handprints with the educator’s assistance. This month we will be concentrating on a beach sea creature theme. The seemed to enjoy the feel of it on their hands. The babies interact with educators and learn to express themselves using paint, paper and their hands.


The babies continue to explore and discover their indoor and outdoor environment by walking, crawling and touching and looking at different activities. For example, play phones, play computers, small balls and soft cushions.

Have a lovely afternoon and evening!

If you have any questions about your child’s day or anything you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Miss Valerie, Miss Shawn, Miss Marina