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Hi Families!


This morning it was a different morning, all the babies started in babies 3 yard. From now on we may start in either babies 1 and 2 yard or Babies 3 to give the babies variety. This way the babies can investigate different areas and interact with each other. They had lots of fun and it was a bigger space for them to explore.

For group time this morning Miss Shawn sat with the babies 2 to sing our Good morning song. All the babies are making great eye contact with their educators now and looking at each other when we say their friends’ names. This song is has become part of a good routine for the babies to learn each other’s names. We also continue to sing the Aboriginal acknowledgement and when we are finished singing, Quinn and Cohen said “more,more” As it has been raining the past week and we have been learning colours, today Miss Shawn introduced us to the song My Sun hiding behind a cloud/tree. The babies watched Miss Shawn as she covered her face, and the babies repeated the action. We learnt the colour blue today and spoke about boats going in the sea and animals that live in the sea. Miss Shawn read “Under the sea” book to identify all the sea creatures that live in the water. (TI). Leon, Cali, Quinn, Isaac, Cohen, and Millie were very intrigued and looked at the booked, smiled and pointed. This shows that the babies are inquisitive and us as educators are allow the time and space for them to do as they would like.

For activity time we did 2 different activities.


  • Blue sensory foam: as we know… our babies love to get messy so we played with blue foam today 😊 don’t get scared if their skin looks a bit blue today, because they had so much fun. Quinn and Cohen were putting the foam all over each other’s hair and face and laughing out loud clapping and saying: bubbles! Bubbles! Leon was putting all the sea animals in the foam and then trying to find them, Millie wanted to join as well so she went outside and put her hand straight in the tray, she smiled at her friends and start stirring the foam, bringing out some toys she was finding during her exploration. Cali had a go with the foam on her own, she touched it at first and felt it with her fingers, then she got confident and put her two hands inside, smiling to Miss Marina and looking for the sea animals hiding in the foam. Hugo and Mia had a turn after lunch, Hugo was very happy to get messy and play with the foam, he found a whale, a shark and a sea turtle. Mia wasn’t really interested, she felt it but she didn’t engage in the messy play, she didn’t like the feeling of the foam sticking in her hands.
  • Blue felt house(1-1) Isaac had a go ripping of the blue elements inside the blue house, he was smiling to Miss Ione when he manage to get the blue car and the water, he placed them back and also tried to say blue. Quinn found the blue car and said: “car!… wiu..wiu!!” so funny 😊 he also said water, bottle and blue car. Cohen also enjoyed the blue house activity, he tried to rip all the elements out and them placed them back inside the house, closing its doors and saying “bye bye”
  • Art rain drops: Cali had a really long experience painting at the table, she enjoys colouring, today we used blue colour on blue paper to
    • recreate the raindrops for our rainbow. Millie, Quinn, Cohen and Leon also had a turn, they can dip the brush in the pot colour most of the surface of the paper.


    Hope you enjoyed this beautiful day.

    Have a lovely evening.

    Miss Shawn, Miss Marina and Miss Ione