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Today has been quite busy in the babies room. All of the babies seem to be feeling quite determined and cheeky today. As a result we have spent a big part of our day teaching the babies to share and be gentle with one another. We spent a good 15 minutes playing a turn taking game after everyone decided they wanted to sit on our new wooden stump at the same time. Miss Hayley even had a turn at sitting on the stump but Penny, Elle and Jaxon didn’t like that very much because they wanted their turns first. Every moment no matter how chaotic or trivial becomes an opportunity to teach and in turn for a child to learn. This very spontaneous activity allowed us to teach the babies that patience and fairness to others is important, and also provided an opportunity for us to model turn taking as their educators.

After the rather exciting sharing game Olivia and Penny enjoyed some quiet time reading in the tent Jaxon spent some time at the table playing with bead frames while Elle played with the giant cogs. Miss Thea began helping Elle to put the pieces together then Penny came over to help, they ended up building a great big tower almost taller than they were. Next we put on some music and did some dancing to our favorite radio station Baby Einstein then we experimented with sounds. Emilia, Penny and Audrey played with the shaker bottles. They shook them around, up and down and then side to side. We also listened to the sounds they made when we rolled them down the slide, then the sounds when we dropped them. We also talked about loud and quiet sounds.

Thank you for a lovely day babies . . .we will sleep well tonight 🙂

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey

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