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Our day in the babies room has been full of spontaneous and child initiated play experiences. Jaxon started the day by picking out the stackable blocks. Miss Hayley set them up on the green circle mat and began building towers with him. Soon Audrey came over and then so did Elle and Penny. Each of the babies had a turn at putting a block onto the tower to make it taller. We sang the build it up song until it was really tall and then Jaxon knocked it down, everyone laughed. Next Audrey pointed to the peg boards, Miss Hayley got them out of the draw and set them up on the other mat for the babies to play with. Soon all the babies moved over to the new activity and were taking part, building towers out of the pegs and placing them into the little holes. Indigo loved the pegs that rattle and so did Olivia. Olivia practiced using her thumb and index finger to pick up the pegs and place them into the holes, she developed this skill quite quickly and began stacking them on top of each other.

After all of the babies had finished playing with the blocks and peg boards we went outside to play. Penny ran straight to the drawing table. Miss Hayley sat down with her and Indigo, soon Elle and Audrey followed. We all sat down and talked about colours while we were drawing. We also talked about wiggly wobbly lines. While we were drawing Jaxon and Olivia were going up and down the slide. Miss Stacey was sitting near to help them take turns and be patient.

During Group time today we talked about being gentle and learnt some important words. The words we focused on today were “Hello, thank you, taa, more, drink, Food, stop, yes, no and Sleep” We will continue to add to our list of words and talk about them daily with the babies to encourage more positive interactions between the babies. We hope also to enable the babies to better communicate their needs to us and to each other. We then went on to play some silly sounds on the table, we even tickled the table today and then Miss Hayleys tickle hands caught all the babies and gave them a tickle. Finally following Penny’s interests we sang and danced to The Wiggles.

After nap time we followed Jaxon and Indigos interest’s. For indigo we coloured in cow stencils and made a spot on the wall for the Cash Cow. For Jaxon we created a slope with some cardboard for racing cars along the wooden floors. A fun time was had by all.

Thank you for a fun filled day babies.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey

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