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Hello families!

Today we enjoy the nice weather outdoors to start the day with the sunshine. Hugo, Arabella, Cohen and Leon were the first ones climbing into the obstacle circuit and going under the bridge, they enjoyed it at first but quickly discover they could knock it over and that was the goal for the rest of the day 😊 (CI) Cali was looking at them and smiling when they were laughing at each other, she tried to get closer to join them. Hannah, Amelia and Millie decided to put all the toys they could inside the cubby house, they were happy choosing what to find in the yard to put inside the house and they were taking turns nicely .For group time show them the shakers Miss Valerie has made for our home corner, we talked about each one content: we had lentils, chickpeas, salt, tapioca, rice and beans. They all different colours so we practice the colours as well. Hannah and Amelia loved to shake them, they smiled at each other. Cohen and Millie tried to get as many as they could with their hands, very funny.

During activity time we sat down and built with the wooden blocks, Cohen, Amelia, Hannah and Leon were very interested in stacking from 2 to 3 blocks tower, Cohen really enjoys breaking the tower once its done. Millie joined them and did the same as Cohen, built a 3 blocks tower and smashed it laughing at her peers.

Miss Valerie sat down with Cohen and Hannah and started counting the coloured stacking blocks (TI) She started counting 1… and Cohen followed her saying 2… 5… and stacking the blocks into the tower. Well done! Hannah tried the same and Amelia and Millie join the play really quickly.