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Hello to all our families!


Today Arabella, Hannah, Millie and Amelia played in the kitchen area together, they used babies 1 kitchen bench which allows them to move freely around it, they shared toys, used the sink, pretend cooking and also brough some food to Miss Ione and Miss Marina. Leon was busy using the van walker to pick up toys around the yard and bringing them to the girls in the home corner. Cali is showing signs of walking and she seems very confident standing without holding herself onto anything, well done Cali! She will be almost running around soon 😊 Amelia, Hannah and Millie went to gymnastics today and Miss Marina went with them and brough Cali also to have a initial play there, as she will be walking soon. Amelia and Hannah loved gymnastics today, they felt very comfortable playing all over the gym, making their own choices of activities and climbing everywhere they could. Cali did 2 steps on her own trying to move from the balancing lane to the stepping stones. (CI)Group time today we sang our good morning song. Miss Marina sat with them after morning tea and sang some nursery rhymes with them, we also practiced the sign language as we are trying to encourage them to start using one syllable words like : more, food, yes, no, ta for thank you. Some of them already say them but others are making noises but not using their words yet so we try to repeat it as much as we can during group time, meal time, activity time and play time as well. This will help to retain the words and sounds. (TI)

We did 2 activities today with all the babies.


First Activity was playdough, we used different containers, measuring cups, spoons, cups, plastic knifes and reused plastic containers from yogurt, fetta cheese and others from the kitchen area. Arabella, Millie, Amelia and Hannah loved to use those utensils and recycled containers to explore the playdough volumes. Leon engaged with the cutters and knifes, cutting sausages that Miss Ione was making him(1:1)  and Cali explored every utensil, cup and manipulate the playdough with her hands very confidently. (TI)


Second Activity was initiated by Leon, he is very good making himself understand even he doesn’t say a word he calls for attention making sounds and pointing outside, so Hannah and Amelia listened to him and imitate him, they all wanted to go outside so we packed away the playdough and we went out to play in the yard. (CI)


They are had so much fun exploring and discovering today.


Please come to us if you have any questions or concerns. We are always happy to help you and your little ones.

Otherwise have a great evening.


Miss Marina & Miss Ione