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Our day began with quiet indoor play. We played with musical instruments and read books. Later in the morning we ventured outside to explore the obstacle course that Miss Katrina had set up for us. Lennox was the first to run out the door proudly wearing his green hat. He ran straight to the stepping stones and tried to balance on them. After he was finished there he quickly tried to climb up onto the wooden tunnel, Miss Hayley ruined his fun though when she caught him in the act. Next to go outside was Jaxon who was feeling a bit sad as he had just said goodbye to his mummy. He sat for a few minutes with Miss Hayley then caught his reflection in the mirror and became mesmerized by his own good looks. Indigo was next to come out she sat down on the mat and played with the puzzles for a few minutes then went up into the jumperoo and bounced away with a big smile on her face. Penny and Audrey came outside together and went straight to the Rainbow Sensory Rice. They enjoyed picking up handfuls and sprinkling in onto their legs. Penny then ran over to the slide with Audrey following close behind. They both went down the slide a few times trying their best to take turns. Miss Nicole was a great helper and taught the girls to go up the ladder one at a time. Olivia joined us briefly this morning and really enjoyed playing in the yard, she especially liked walking between the pieces of equipment. 

Once we had finished playing we all ventured inside for morning tea. During this time our friend Emilia arrived. We all sat down for morning tea together. After this we sat down for group time then we played a running game. Lennox initiated the game and was in his element. Elle soon followed and chased Lennox around the room, Penn, Emilia and Jaxon joined soon afterwards.  Lots of giggling and playing followed they had a great time together.

See you tomorrow babies.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey


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