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Welcome Indigo! Today we got to meet our new friend Indigo. Indigo has had a wonderful day getting to know all her new friends in Babies 2. She enjoyed playing music on the xylophones and watching bubbles float though the air. Jaxon and Lennox enjoyed trying to catch the bubbles and thought it was very funny when a bubble landed on Indigos foot.

Today has been a very messy day, we have been exploring a variety of different sensory tubs. The first activity was Rainbow Sensory Foam, the babies loved touching the foam and picking up handfuls of it. Olivia thought it was wonderful and spent most of her time painting her leg with the foam. After a few minutes though she decided she wanted some for morning tea and was very disappointed when she found out it wasn’t edible :-). Penny thought the foam was quite interesting and stuck both hands into the tub and mixed all the colours around.

Our second sensory activity was Green kinetic Sand Lennox absolutely loved touching it and began rubbing it all over himself. Elle also thought the sand felt great and stuck both hands in all the way with a big smile on her face. Audrey was more hesitant and thought it looked a bit strange, she preferred to observe the others touching.

Later in the day when we went inside Audrey and Penny played peek-a-boo through the mirror tunnel. They went back and forth, up and down pulling faces and giggling at each other. 

We spent the rest of the day keeping cool inside and playing fun games and craft activities with our teachers.

See you tomorrow babies 🙂


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