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Hello families,

Today Hugo, Cohen, Arabella and Millie were very interested in the rainbow collage on contact that was set up at the table, they all sat down with Miss Marina and picked their colours from the little tray, Cohen said: orange! And Blue, recognizing the colours and looking for them in the tray. Millie said also red, pink and orange. Arabella was repeating every colour she heard 😊 she said pink, yellow, orange, green and blue. Leon came to have a sneaky peak of what they were doing but wasn’t interested so he went to the calm area to lay down, Hugo saw him and followed Cali was very happy climbing the walls in the obstacle circuit and also exploring the new walker that we have in the yard, she stood up holding herself in the handler and started walking around the yard, Cohen went and joined her in play, also Arabella did. Today we sang some songs and talked about red colour again, we are revisiting the colours this week and red is the colour today 😊 we talked about apples, strawberries, love hearts and cherries. We saw the flash cards again and practiced all the colours as we were doing outdoors with the rainbow collage.

  • red collage: today we revisited the colour red and had a feel of the different material and papers we had to stick in the contact. Cohen, Millie, Arabella, Leon, Hannah and Amelia really enjoyed it, they had a turn picking up the papers they like, the felt, sticking it and also pulling it out, they liked the feeling of the felt coming out of the contact.
  • Roleplay: Miss Andressa and Miss Jess sat down with the children at the kitchen area and they all pretend to have a meal, cooking in the kitchen and going shopping with the little shopping baskets. Hannah likes to pack away all the food that falls to the floor, she is very tidy. Amelia likes to handle food to the teachers, Hugo, Millie and Cohen were trying to cook food in the oven and the stove, using pans, pots and spoons to stir the food.
  • Outdoor running: we all went out for a run around the yard before lunchtime, Cohen, Leon, Millie, Hannah and Amelia are very good at waiting for the countdown, then they say GO! And run all the way to the other side laughing.

We had an awesome day today.

Hope to see you all tomorrow.

Miss Andressa and Miss Marina