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We have had a busy day exploring in babies 2 today. Our day started with a disco in Miss Katrina’s room. Penny and Elle were breaking it down together to the music, shaking their arms and wiggling around the room. When we went outside the babies all dressed up in animal costumes. They used role play to act out the animals sounds and movements then encouraged each other to model the same actions and sounds. Emilia and Penny dressed up as tigers and were saying ‘roar’, Penny was dressed up as a horse but her horse was scary and made ‘roar’ sounds aswell. After morning tea we went back outside for a quick play. Olivia loved going down the slide, whilst Emilia and Penny would read “Peppa Pig” in the tipi tent. We then came back inside for a group time where we enjoyed singing some songs with Miss Hayley. We are all getting very good at copying all the movements to all the different songs and sometimes we even like to sing along. After our group time we all went to the table to play with some playdough. Jaxon tried to eat the playdough but then soon realized that it wasn’t very tasty! Elle and Audrey really enjoyed cutting out shapes in their playdough whilst Penny was busy using the pizza cutter to cut the dough in half. Indigo wasn’t too sure about the playdough, but rather enjoyed watching her friends squish the playdough in their hands.. To continue our busy morning Miss Stacey cleaned up the playdough and then set up some painting. We have been collecting recycled items over the past few weeks to learn about sustainability in the environment, so Miss Stacey decided to cut up some toilet paper rolls which we could then dip in some paint and make ‘Firework Artwork’. In the afternoon we took advantage of the beautiful weather and played outside with our friends in Babies 1. Everybody took turns in climbing our frog friend and waving hello to everyone that walked past our yard. Today was truly terrific and we can’t wait for more fun during the week!

 Thanks for a great day babies, see you tomorrow.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey 🙂

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