Hello families,

Today we started the day  playing outside with all our friends, Cohen and Hollie sat on the crocodile and sang the song ‘row your boat’, they really like that one at the moment. Hugo, Leon, Millie and Amelia were using the foam blocks to build a tower and knocking it over, they said : more more!  Cohen joined them when he saw they were having fun, they shared the blocks really good and did a great job collaborating with each other. Hannah, Amelia, Millie, Hugo, Cohen and Leon went in the cubby house with other friends from BB1 and hide there because Miss Andressa was playing pickaboo with them, they all were laughing so much when she knocked on the house.(T.I.) After eating we sat down at the mat with Miss Marina and we sang our morning songs:

  • Good morning song
  • Aboriginal acknowledgment
  • Tim the turtle
  • 1,2,3 fish
  • We add today Row your boat because of Cohen’s interest.

They all sat down really well and listened to Miss Marina, Millie and Leon are starting to wave hello when Miss Marina says their names during the good morning song, they smile and wave 😊. (1/1)

Millie wanted to do the flash cards and started to say some words like fish, shark and jelly. Cohen tried to repeat all of them. Leon, Hannah and Amelia got bored and left the group time to find something to play,. and Hugo tried to say fish.

For activity time we did a few things today:

  • Art: today we did the covers for the scrapbook with Miss Valerie, Millie, Amelia and Hannah had a turn today, they really enjoy feeling the paint in their hands and stamping on the paper.
  • Connectors: Millie, Cohen, Hannah and Amelia enjoyed making crowns with Miss Andressa, they are practicing their fine motor skills by pushing them together, sometimes they fail but they kept trying until they made it, if not they asked Miss Andressa for help.

We had a great day today at babies, hope you enjoy the rest of your afternoon.

See you all tomorrow.

Miss Valerie & Miss Marina