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Good Afternoon Families. Today has been a lovely day in the Babies 2 Room. As it was raining Miss Hayley planned lots of fun craft activities to keep us busy. Our first activity was Group Time, we sang Open Shut Them, Incy Wincy Spider, Twinkle Little Star and Three Cheeky Monkeys. All of the babies joined in for group time and each of them tried to copy the actions. Their favorite song was Open Shut Them, they loved rolling their hands and blowing a big kiss to Miss Hayley at the end. Indigo was sitting with Miss Hayley during group time and bounced up and down to the songs. After Group Time Jaxon, Penny, Elle, Audrey, Lennox and Olivia sat down at the table to play with blue play dough. Miss Stacey sat with them and demonstrated how to squish and squeeze the dough, she also showed them how to use the rolling pins and how to roll play dough snakes. Elle enjoyed squishing it between her hands to make it flat, Audrey and Penny loved using the roller cutter to cut the dough in half. Lennox and Olivia were very interested in the play dough snakes and kept picking them up to examine them more closely while Jaxon loved using the rolling pin to squash the play dough flat.

While the older babies were playing Indigo sat on the green fluffy mat with Miss Hayley. She read books and played with the musical instruments. After the babies were finished playing play dough we started making collages with colorful pieces of cardboard and paste. This was a very messy activity but that babies enjoyed sticky the different coloured pieces onto the paper.

The rest of our day was spent drawing, singing dancing and playing hide and seek in the tent. Its been a wonderful day at school. See you tomorrow babies 🙂

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey 


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