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Good evening families, we hope you have had a nice day! 

Our morning was spent outside enjoying the freedom of exploring both yards and playing with our friends in babies one. We really love playing in the sand pit area, it is so much fun! Apologies to anyone who might take the sandpit Home in their shoes hehe. 

We were hungry this morning so we decided to go inside at 9am to fill our bellies. We were treated to some fruit and delicious cake. Our favourite fruit today was the bananas. 

After we ate we decided to open the door again for 20 minutes to let the children burn off some energy. When we returned inside it was time for some arts and crafts. We extended further on our Gruffalo theme which is coming along beautifully! Today we created the Fox that is seen in the story, but added our own twist. We decided to introduce letter recognition to the children by making our foxes in the letter F. The children used their fine motor skills to freely express and paint onto some paper. Once it was dry, we cut them out and created some super cute foxes that you can see displayed in the classroom! 

Highlights of today: 

Ella loved listening to animal sound songs with her educators and classmates. She did an excellent job of identifying the animals. 

Levi was a very brave and happy boy all day. He loved sitting on the mat outside with Onyx, Saxon, Mikey and Isla playing with the musical instruments all together, just like a band! 

Maddy was very adventurous today and was super cheeky playing peek-a-boo with the blanket on the floor. It was very clever of Maddy to initiate this play behaviour all by herself. We also have seen that Maddy can now wave hello and blow kisses, you’re just too cute! 

Onyx is always found in the home corner. She has started showing beautiful play behaviours with other children. Today she played so Kindly with Isla, sharing all the foods and putting them in the cupboard. 

Alby loved playing in the sandpit area. He is perfecting the art of building sand castles, well done Alby boy! 

Daisy loved crawling through the tunnel. At one point she turned it into a game with Maddy to see who could crawl through the tunnel really fast. The girls had a lot of fun and there was lots of laughing and giggling. 

Thank you for a great day babies. Don’t forget TOMORROW and THURSDAY are your two dress-up days for book week! If you have any books that you love reading at home we would love for you to bring them in so we can share them here at kindy! 

See you tomorrow!

Lots of Love, 

Miss Stacey and Miss Sana x 


Written by elcbabies3