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Good afternoon to all of our families,

We have had a great day full of spooky fun and …..sloths!

Today is international sloth day, this is a day to hilight the animals awareness,  habitat issues and to celebrate the amazing animal. We looked at some images of  sloths in their natural habitat, and read a nice story with some some sloths inside. We also followed this up with some fun handprint sloth art. Our Halloween activity for today was a tray experience with orange, green and purple rice for the children to explore, we had lots of hidden creepies inside and miniature pumpkins, couldrens and ghost buckets for the children to scoop with we also added some spoons for an added challenge for our children to try scooping the rice into the tiny buckets putting to the test their hand eye coordination skills.

We hope you all have a wonderful evening and we look forward to sharing more adventures with you tomorrow!

Miss Rochelle and Miss Valerie xoxo