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We started our morning outside playing with blue kinetic sand and going down the slide. Penny enjoyed squishing the sand between her fingers and picking up handfuls to throw onto the ground. Audrey and Elle used the shovels to move the sand around and made holes in the sand. Olivia spent her time outside making towers of colorful blocks on the peg board, she thought it was really funny to build them up then knock them down again. Indigo spent her time outside bouncing in the musical jumper taking her hat on and off and playing with the different toys attached.

After we played outside we went in for morning tea. They all sat at the table and in the highchairs talking to each other, we had a great conversation about what we were eating and talked about all the different pieces of fruit.

After morning tea we had group time, we read ‘Dear Zoo’ and ‘Heads, shoulders, Knees and Toes’. We also sang our favorite songs. Its been a great day today.

Miss Hayley & Miss Stacey


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