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Hello families,

Today due to weather we spent the morning playing inside, we also played in babies 1 room for a little bit, Cohen and Hugo explored the home corner in babies 1, is a different kitchen so they love to go around it. Arabella, Hannah and Amelia learned how to use the car ramp and practiced their hand to eye coordination. Millie also engaged in play in the ramp when she came back from babies 1. Cali loves to sit in the quiet corner and take all the soft toys out of the basket, Arabella helped her out because she was looking for the bunny 😊 (CI)For group time this morning we sat down in the quiet area just before morning tea, we sang lots of nursery rhymes with Miss Ione, so she could learn all our babies names singing our Hello song. This was a great way to introduce her to the room routine and helped a our babies to welcome her into our group/community, they engaged with her clapping, observe her and smile at her. After that they all felt safer and more comfortable with her company. They all been very nice to her today, I’m very proud of them for being open to engage in new relationship with a new educator.

For activity time we did 2 different activities.


-Learning pink colour: today we explored the pink colour through another wall collage to finish decorating our room, they really like to pick the little papers and stick them up in the wall, touching the contact with their hands is a nice feeling for them, Amelia and Cohen love to just put their hand in the contact and feel the sensation of the stickiness when they take it away. Hannah and Arabella love to pick the little papers from the box saying : more… more… and also picking the ones from the floor. Cali enjoys grabbing a handful of papers and throwing them straight to the floor 😊 Thanks to our babies interest participating in their learning we have a room full of all the rainbow colours! Now the babies are starting to recognise the colours when they see them around the room and practicing their speaking.

-Sensory playdough; we will start refreshing the colours through the next weeks with different activities, today we chose green for playdough and we will review this colour tomorrow again with a different matching activity. Leon, Amelia, Hannah, Cali, Arabella and Millie had so much fun today playing with Miss Ione and Miss Jess, they used cutters and other utensils to create different shapes and roleplay. They practiced the word green and all of them tried to say it, they also tried to say “playdough” and “cut”.

-Self selection of toys: we brough out the rainbow tunnel, the soft toy box, the car ramp, lego and they also enjoyed the home corner and book corner. We also played with the new window board we have, we reuse the wet wipes openers and made frames for them, when they open them they can see photos of their friends and different colours and elements to colour match and also explore the feeling of the Velcro. They really like it.


Another rainy day in paradise.

Have a lovely evening.


Miss Ione & Miss Marina