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Today we have been busy learning new words and exploring the outdoor environment. Early this morning we went outside to explore and found a heap of new baby dolls. Penny, Elle and Audrey all ran to get one and spent the rest of the morning walking around playing with them. Penny especially enjoyed cuddling her baby and giving her kisses. She walked around the yard saying baby. Audrey also loved her baby and was walking around the yard saying baby. She took her baby to the top of the slide and then watched as baby slid down. She then followed and caught the baby at the bottom. Elle seemed to think this was a great idea also so she copied and rolled her baby down the slide too. They continued taking turns rolling their babies down the slide, penny and Olivia then decided to join in too. Each time a baby rolled down they all giggled and laughed together which was very sweet.

While the big girls were playing Indigo was crawling around exploring the yard. She found one of the sparkly sensory bottles and became quite mesmerized by it. She sat for a few minutes shaking and rolling the bottle to see the different sparkly patterns forming. Soon after this Jaxon arrived excited to play so we all came inside for group time. For group time we all sat at the table and sang a variety of different songs. We sang our favourites:
• Open Shut Them
• If Your Happy and You Know it
• Twinkle Twinkle
• Galoomp
Then we made beats on the table and did some reading. Miss Hayley read a book about words. We pointed and said the names of all the different people, Animals and Objects. We then practiced saying hello to each other by name. Each of the babies had a turn at saying their names and then saying hello to one of their friends by name. 

After this we had morning tea and then returned to the yard for a play in the big sandpit. Jaxon enjoyed driving the cars around the sandpit and playing in the tent while Elle, Penny and Audrey played with the shovels and buckets. During this time Indigo was having a lovely cuddle and nap on Miss Hayley.

Soon after this we had lunch and went down for a nap. After nap time we put on Wiggles Radio. We practiced jumping up and then bending down. Kicking one leg then the other, twirling around in circles and a variety of different movements to the beat even combining two different moves at once. The rest of our day was spent playing with play dough, bubbles, balls, drawing and having fun exploring outside.

See you tomorrow babies 2.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey.


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