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Welcome back after a lovely long weekend babies. It was lovely to see each and every one of your smiling faces this morning. Miss Stacey and I were given lots of lovely cuddles today which absolutely made our day. Our day began quietly playing in with Babies 1. Once it had warmed up a little we all went outside in the sun for a play. We built some giant block towers and had turns going down the slide, completed some animal puzzles and read a story about shapes. Before we knew it morning tea arrived so we all ventured in for a snack.

After morning tea Miss Stacey arrived, we all gave her big cuddles then we went back outside for some planned activities. First we played as a small group with peg boards. Penny, Elle, Olivia, Jaxon, Audrey and Evan all took part. They enjoyed shaking the rattle pegs and also liked making mini towers out of the pegs and then watching as they wobbled and fell down. Olivia enjoyed holding two of the noisy rattle pegs in her hands to make music while Penny spent her time building towers. Evan enjoyed examining the pegs and looking closely at each of them before he placed them into the board. This activity was chosen to foster sharing skills, strengthen fine motor control and to foster communication and language skills. Next we took part in a spontaneous activity looking at our reflections in the mirror with Miss Hayley. We all laid down on our tummy’s and looked and our faces then said hello to ourselves. Then while looking at ourselves we touched our eyes, ears, mouths, and noses. We practiced blinking, poking out our tongues and pulling funny faces. This type of activity fosters a child’s sense of self and identity, while also building language skills and teaching them about how their faces work.

Our day then continued on with Group Time. As a group we built a tower out of giant colourful blocks. As we built the tower we sang the ‘build it up’ song then we counted the blocks as we piled them on top of each other. Finally, we talked about the colour of each block. Each time the tower was built up Jaxon and Audrey got to knock it over again. When it fell they would laugh and say “oh oh” or “whoa”. After all of the babies were ready we moved over to the other mat sat down and sang a few of our favorite songs such as:
• Open shut them
• Twinkle twinkle
• If your happy and you know it

Thank you for a wonderful day babies, see you tomorrow.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey

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