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Welcome back to our daily program families!

Today Cali and Arabella were drawing on the window paper we set for drawing, they love to choose different colours from the bucket and scribble, Leon also enjoyed drawing. Cohen, Arabella and Mia climbed the frog, the frog is a new thing in our yard so kids are loving touching it, they touch the eyes of the frog, Mia was poking the frog’s nose, holding herself to standing position. Millie sat down with Miss Leesa to read some books in the quiet corner, Mia joined them (TI). Arabella was very interested in the babies, taking them to the bath and laying them down in the sleeping mattress. Amelia and Hannah climbed the frog when they noticed it was there, they also rode the bikes with Leon and Amelia played with the babies and Arabella.(CI)Today we did group time before going inside, we sat near the door and we sang some of their favourite songs. Then we went inside using a transition that calls their name out:  bee bee bumble bee “Cohen” go inside please, and one by one we call their name to go inside and sit on the high chair to have morning tea

We split the babies into 2 groups: indoor and outdoor. We did 2 activities indoor:

  • Autumn colour exploration: today Cohen and Arabella helped Miss Marina to pick up leaves from the trees. We used the leaves as brushes to create different patterns, shapes and stamps on the paper, this is the way babies are drawing they own Autumn leaves to decorate the class. We learn about brown, orange and yellow colour today.
  • Fabric and water colour: the second activity was art related as well but this time the babies used a brush to colour a little fabric bag, they also used their hands to spread the water in the fabric, they mixed blue and pink colour creating purple.

Today we review 6 different colours from the rainbow.

  • Outdoor play: Miss Leesa sat down with the little group on the quiet mat and sang nursery rhymes with them, they are loving singing and doing gestures at the moment. They also did a bit of roleplay in the home corner with the babies.


Miss Marina & Miss Ione