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Today has been a lovely day in the babies room. We spent lots of time playing round and round the garden, singing songs and playing musical instruments. We danced to the hokey pokey and Old Macdonald’s Farm. We spent lots of time out in the yard playing with messy sensory cloud dough and coloured water. Lennox and Jaxon enjoyed mixing the cloud dough with water to make it blue, Penny also enjoyed this activity and splashed in the blue water. In the afternoon we had group time, we danced to Old Macdonalds Farm & The Tooty Taa then the babies helped Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey clean all the chairs with soapy water and face washers. They enjoyed scrubbing and mixing around the soapy water. Jaxon thought it was such a fun game that he started running around after Miss Hayley with the wet washers trying to splash her. It has been a lovely messy and fun day in the babies room today. See you tomorrow babies.From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey

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