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Today has been a lovely quiet day in the babies 2 room. We began our morning with Miss Hayley and Miss Katrina playing outside in the yard. We enjoyed reading books, playing musical instruments and dressing up in animal costumes. Later in the morning when Miss Stacey arrived we all came in for morning tea. We enjoyed a yummy fruit platter and carrot cake. All of the babies get very excited when they see Miss Denise because they know it means that its time to eat. After morning tea we enjoyed some more playing in the yard. The babies all ran straight to the dress ups. Penny, Audrey, Elle and Emilia all dressed up as animals. Olivia also tried on a costume but then took it straight off again. Penny began walking around the yard saying roar to the other babies and to the teachers. Penny said roar to Miss Hayley said roar back, then all the babies copied and started saying roar to each other.

Thanks for a great day babies we will see you tomorrow.

From Miss Hayley and Miss Stacey 🙂

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